How to get better in Bed? Tips from an Experienced Guy

There comes a time when you lose confidence in yourself and your capabilities. Such a hard time hit me when I started to realize that my sex drive was slowly deteriorating. It was subtle, but soon the signs were clear – sometimes I couldn’t set the mood right or act accordingly, I started feeling lethargic and my interest in having sex was diminishing, and I wasn’t lasting as long as I used to.

I consoled myself thinking that I was imagining things, but the confirmation came in the form of my wife’s complaint. She told me that she wasn’t happy at all with how our sex life had been going. That is when I paused to think about it.

Libido could decrease as their age advances

An average human being’s libido could decrease as their age advances. This change could result in insecurities, anxiety, and depression.

These conditions could sometimes be the reason why someone is experiencing dryness in their sex life. In my case, I’m not sure what came first, but I sure was depressed and insecure about a lot of things by the time I realised the plight of my sex drive.

After a few weeks of moping around, I finally decided to take action on this problem. I wanted to get back to the normal me and procure the normal life that I had before. I had my wife to support me, and she too wanted the best for us. That is how I started consulting experts, health-care specialists, and sexologists. I will present to you the advice that I got from them, which my wife and I tried, tested, and approved of. This article is based on my experiences and the steps I decided to take in order to overcome my insecurities.

How is decrease in sex drive possible?

A decrease in sex drive, as I mentioned before, could be due to depression or the onset of anxiety. It could also be because of erratic climate changes, aging, malnourishment, or disease. The first step in the path of getting better or healing is finding the exact factor that caused the problem.

Through proper medical check-ups and therapy sessions, I found out that the cause of my sexual lethargy was actually due to aging and my hectic urban lifestyle. This had led me to the depressed state that I was in. The doctor reassured me that I could overcome this condition through a disciplined lifestyle and dieting.

I was also informed that these cases were becoming more and more frequent and that most people, especially men, fail to notice it in time. Thus, I would like to share my experiences and my findings that I got to know during my recovery days.

But first, ask yourself these questions:

  • Has your partner been feeling unhappy with your sexual performance lately?
  • Have you been feeling lethargic, gloomy, or moody?
  • Has there been a sudden change in your life lately that has one way or another affected you?

Answering these questions will give you an idea if your diminishing performance is just natural or due to external causes. Anyhow, there are several ways you can get back into shape, sooner or later. Some of the basic measures to do so are as given below.

1. Discipline and synchronize your routine with your partner

Try to order your daily routines and slowly form habits. This will help keep anxiety in check. It will also help you find time to spend with your partner and strengthen the bond between the two of you. As for forming habits, it is said that if you do a task continuously for at least 21 days, it will become a habit.

Try to make small but wholesome changes. These changes, no matter how small they are, will calm you down, which will make space for you to enjoy things more.

2. Channel out your energy

The unwarranted lethargy that you feel might be due to your body and mind rusting off with no work-out. You can counter this by doing light exercises and yoga. There are specific moves and postures in yoga that can help in increasing better blood circulation. Blood circulation plays a major role in improving one’s stamina and sensitivity. Similarly, add Kegel exercises to your work-out routine. These routines concentrate on the pelvic muscles, which will help in improving your vigor.

3. Meditation

Before you scoff at what meditation has to do with sex, let me explain. Sex isn’t just a physical activity. It becomes more pleasurable when you have your mind in it. But, given today’s common circumstances, it has become difficult for individuals to put their mind into something. Meditation will help in clearing the debris in your mind. This purging will give more room for your thoughts and ease you up entirely, allowing you to experience sex much better.

4. Maintain a nutritious diet

Your libido is based on our mental and physical health. While you can take care of your mental health through meditation and ordered life, you also need to take care of your physical needs. We already have exercise covered, but in order to do that, we need energy. Here comes the significance of a balanced diet. For getting a diet prepared, you can consult a nutrition expert or a dietician. If you tell them about your troubles, they will prepare diet charts for you that include food items that can enhance your libido and increase your natural appeal.

5. Switch sex positions and experiment

Sometimes, your loss in interest in sex might have budded from the lack of variation in your daily activities. To see if this is the case, I suggest you try out different methods or sexual positions and try out new things, like role-playing or adult toys. If it is just a change that you wanted, it will show in your performance.

6. Spend more intimate time with your partner

By spending more quality time with your partner – let it be a cuddly movie night or a simple walk through the park – you get to know each other more. Use these times to associate more towards them as the significant other. It has been scientifically proven that couples who spend more time together and understand each other better feel secure enough to enjoy the sexual pleasure to the maximum.

When you are comfortable enough, discuss the things you want to do to each other on the bed, and share intimate secrets (if you are comfortable with it). This will further strengthen the bond between the two of you, and you will also get an idea about what your partners expect from you.

7. Consume food items with aphrodisiacal qualities

You can try and revive your sex drive directly by having food items that have aphrodisiacal qualities. These are the chemical components that arouse sexual desire in the user.

Herbs with aphrodisiacal qualities were used in ancient medicines and potions. Such herbs could affect the pheromones of the user, and work their way up to help the individual to enjoy sex better. The most commonly used herbs include Panax ginseng, Tribulus, saffron, ginkgo biloba, and musli. These herbs were used to increase the potency of partners, especially of men, so that the female will be able to conceive a child.

Aphrodisiacal fruits, vegetables, and nuts are also in high demand, as they provide nutrition as well, which helps boost libido. They are easier to buy compared to most drugs, and are more compatible to store and manage. As previously mentioned, these fruits, vegetables, and nuts can be incorporated into your balanced diet for better results.

Besides these herbs and other eatables, you can add a twist to your diet with some cocktails, which are made from these aphrodisiacal items. When mixed with alcohol, the effect of the eatables is said to increase double-fold. But keep in mind that this hasn’t been scientifically proven and that it is based on an assumption of alcohol’s apparent aphrodisiacal effects.

There are other food items whose aphrodisiacal qualities are not quite backed up by scientific evidence, but may work. The best-known examples are chocolate, oysters, epimedium (horny goat weed), and honey. Another category that can be included here is super spicy food items. It is said that spicy stuff will arouse a person’s desire. May this be true or false, we still say “spice up things” for acts that are related to invigorate sexual intercourse.

8. Settling for actual Aphrodisiac.

Sometimes, just consuming food that has aphrodisiacal content isn’t enough, as it doesn’t yield quick results. That’s where you can use actual aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiacs have been in use since the times of kings and queens. They were used for related sexual activities and orgies. But in those times, the aphrodisiacs were not cultured enough to be suitable for safe use. Due to the lack of developed technology, most of these aphrodisiacs had very bad side effects, that could range from vomiting, to internal organ failure, to abnormal gastro-intestinal inflammations, to coma and sometimes even death.

But you don’t have to worry anymore, because there has been a significant modification in the case of aphrodisiacs. Scientists have managed to filter out the chemical components that could adversely affect the human body. Now, most of these aphrodisiacs are no longer dangerous to use.

The most popular and effective aphrodisiac

Speaking of aphrodisiacs, I need to give an honorable mention to the most popular and effective one among the drugs – the Spanish Fly. Spanish Fly used to be one of the most notorious love drugs, centuries ago. It was made from cantharidin, a chemical extracted from the emerald-green blister beetle. It was too strong for an average human being to use and it was too dangerous. As the decades passed, the name of Spanish Fly was adopted as a brand name to continue the legacy of the drug.

Now, there are literally hundreds of aphrodisiac drugs that are named under Spanish Fly. Just a heads up – these drugs are not the same as the old Spanish Fly. These are tamed drugs and most of them are even suitable for daily usage.

It contains extracts from the herbs

The new drugs contain extracts from the herbs, plants, and other aphrodisiacal eatables. This enhances the way these drugs work after they are ingested. A lot of the drugs are manufactured and concentrated enough to start working within ten minutes after consumption. These drugs arouse your sexual desire by increasing the blood flow (especially to the nether regions) and by balancing your hormonal secretion, thus boosting your sensitivity to touch.

As for my recommendation on what drug to choose for a better experience, I vouch for Spanish Fly PRO. It can be used by both men and women. The normal dosage is 5 drops, which you can mix into any beverage and drink. The effects will show up within ten minutes, and last for over an hour. The main components are all herb extracts, with zinc and sugar (fructose) base. The users, including me, have found our natural sex appeal grow and our confidence beam with it. I have become a regular user of Spanish Fly PRO, and my wife is ecstatic about the developments.

You can read more about Spanish Fly here.

Diminishing sex drive is not the end of the world

As you can see, a diminishing sex drive is not the end of the world. With proper care and precautions, you can get over it – I can guarantee you that. I followed these methods religiously and found myself renewed and ready for a new day.

I no longer worry about falling behind others, and I no longer feel inferior or insecure. I don’t have to worry about my married life falling apart because I couldn’t please my wife. These truly are the codes to live by.

P.S. – You don’t have to be sexually impotent or inferior to follow these instructions. These are good advice, which will do you only good. And if your goal is to just spice up things between you and your partner, what are you even waiting for? Buy the best aphrodisiac product of your choice from their official website.

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