How to have better sex?

As you get older, many people’s sex vigor deteriorates. The same happened to me. As the years passed, I noticed that my stamina was decreasing, along with my passion for sexual activities. This change got on the wrong side of my wife, who found my lack of interest sleazy. I was helpless, so I decided to check out different ways to improve my diminishing sex drive.

We scoured through different health websites and consulted experts to find the best solution for our problem. The methods included doing exercises, maintaining diets, using adult toys, and trying out different sex positions.

Increase stamina via the exercises

The main objective of the exercises was to increase stamina. We tried doing the Kegel exercises that concentrated on the pelvic floor muscles. It consists of tightening the muscles and then relaxing them, repeating the process for about five sets per day. This exercise is said to strengthen the muscles in the nether region and help decrease restrictions on blood circulation. The Kegel exercise will help to improve the sensitivity in women, too, which will bring more pleasure during the act of intercourse.

It will also help both men and women enjoy a long-lasting orgasm. But there is a catch – one cannot guarantee how long these exercises will take to bring the effect. The pleasure isn’t ready-made, and can take a long time to manifest the anticipated result. There is also the trouble of differences between the partners’ demographics, which might yield different results for each of them concerning their body type, age, and lifestyle.

After trying and failing to achieve our goal with exercises, both of us turned towards a rather holistic approach – to try and understand our troubles from within, through meditation and self-study. We tried meditating together in order to reduce stress from our hectic daily life, and to increase our intimacy by writing down or discussing our sexual fantasies.

Initiate with gentle and calculated touches

We tried initiation with gentle and calculated touches, and also tried simple steps like switching our regular sexual positions. These worked in easing a lot of our stress, which is a big inhibitor of pleasure. One could say, in fact, that it is inversely proportional to pleasure. The more stressed you are, the less joy you can find from intercourse. Relieving stress and practising breathing exercises helped with reducing headaches and anxiety issues. Still, they did not make a significant or notable change in either of our stamina range.

When this method failed, too, we decided to take the next step and try using adult toys. We stocked up on various sex toys that were available and consulted many who are adept in using them. We also tried other methods (like role-playing and beginner-level BDSM) after doing a lot of research.

Although using these products was exciting in its own way, it didn’t last. Adult toys can cost a lot, which deems this way unaffordable to a lot of sexually active couples. Moreover, it might not be possible to bring all the toys with you if you are traveling. So we had to drop this idea too, though we still have all the products intact and we continue to use them from time to time.

Many aphrodisiacal food items on the market

The most noted among the methods we tried has to be the diets. There are many aphrodisiacal food items (fruits, herbs, etc.) available that, when incorporated into our diets, will work wonders. Zinc is a component that can boost your libido, so you can find out and consume food items that are high in zinc – like caviar, eggs, etc. Oysters, too, are excellent sources of zinc. Aside from the sexual feature alone, these items are high in protein and are suitable for health. Proper nutrition plays a part in maintaining a good sex drive. The only problem is the price, which is undoubtedly very high.

Food items that contain capsaicin or are simply extra spicy are listed as great aphrodisiacal food. The spice increases heartbeat rate and metabolism, giving in to a feeling of sexual urgency. Now you know why we say “to spice things up” in the bedroom! Food that is high in magnesium, like okra, will relax the nervous and muscle systems when they are too tense. This loosening-up can help with your sexual activities to be more enjoyable.

The Top Herbs and Plants to Try

Here are some of the herbs and plants we tried. Ginseng is a common component in Chinese medicine, and its extract is prevalent in many medicinal aphrodisiacs from antiquity.

Yohimbe, another widely found herb from Africa, is rumored to have aphrodisiacal qualities too. It can tremendously increase blood flow, especially in males, and get it up loud and sturdy for more extended periods. But almost all good things come with a catch – Yohimbe has shown some side effects which include hallucinatory experience, unwarranted lethargy soon after a few hours of consumption, weakness, and even paralysis.

Musli is another herb we tried, which helps with ejaculatory problems within men. It is also a natural energy provider and de-stressor with not many side effects, so that you can use it without any fear.

The next most commonly used herb/plant with sexually-arousing capacity is Maca, which is a sweet root vegetable. It will boost your libido and has antidepressant properties, so that is like killing two birds with one stone. Maca is so popular that its extracts can be found in other dietary supplements that are not necessarily aphrodisiacal in nature. This shows how harmless it is to use daily.

Last but not least, we tried Tribulus, which is a herb that is commonly used for treating infertility and impotence. Its extracts are also used in prescribed medicines to increase the athletic capability of an individual.

All these herbs are available as dietary supplements or preserved products that can be bought online. The only notable drawback of these herbs is that the results are not imminent. You cannot ingest the extracts or mixes of these herbs and expect a quick reaction or suddenly heightened libido. The change is gradual and very slow, and sometimes it is not even guaranteed. A herb, plant, or root that might have been helping you to gain energy and vigor might not be doing much when it comes to your partner. So using herbs is a potentially expensive gamble that sometimes may not even yield the desired results.

All these methods seemed to have one similar problem that didn’t match with our hectic life – a fast and promised result. These methods are great, do not get me wrong, but they are just not enough, especially when you have no time to spare for experimentation. If you are looking for quick results, there is but only one way that is satisfactory – aphrodisiacs.

Boost libido and increase the sensual experience

Aphrodisiacs are ingestible substances that have been used for a very long time ago to boost libido and increase the sensual experience of an individual. This, in turn, will help them last longer with extended virility compared to the average rate. These supplements usually have multiple ingredients, usually a combination of concentrated extracts of the herbs and plants that we mentioned before. Aphrodisiacs, unlike the extracts, yield better and quicker results. So it has always been in high demand. But in ye olde days, these products had terrible side effects.

When we say aphrodisiac, the first name that might come to our mind is Spanish Fly.” These terms are often used as synonyms now, that’s how popular the Spanish Fly is. It used to be one of the most potent aphrodisiacs in the world. Made from a substance called cantharidin that was extracted from a specific genus of the blister beetle family, this drug could help people last for hours. It was rare, and thus popular among the nobility in those times.

But along with all the praise, we have to mention the deadly side of the original Spanish Fly. This drug was so potent that it caused several side effects ranging from quick lethargy after use, to failure of internal organs, coughing and vomiting blood, coma, and sometimes death. But not to worry, the original is no longer manufactured.

The New Spanish Fly

As time went by, the deadly original drug was experimented on and improvised. Soon, the name Spanish Fly became more or less a brand name under which a batch of aphrodisiacs came out. And now, there are many drugs with the tail (or head) of Spanish Fly in their names. Most of them have made quite a name in the industry. These drugs are no longer derived from the blister beetle, neither do they have cantharidin in them.

These drugs mostly contain a sugar base (fructose), and zinc components, which, as I have mentioned before, help in increasing your stamina. And they have a well-balanced mixture of extracts from the herbs and plants that complete the product. Their strength is tamed to the extent that they won’t cause any adverse effects on your body. These products are lab-tested and of premium quality.

The Top Questions to Ask

Most of the Spanish Fly products are liquid-based and can be ingested by mixing a few drops with a beverage of your choice. The dosage is usually mentioned on the packaging of the product itself. You can also confirm it by asking help from a health-care specialist or someone who has used it before. You can also clear other doubts regarding the product of your choice through official FAQs. Some of the most commonly asked questions include-

  • Is the product suitable for daily usage?
  • Are there any specific diets that I should follow while I use the drug?
  • Will it affect me adversely if I were to stop using the drug abruptly?
  • Is it okay for both my partner and me to use the drug at the same time?

If the question you want to ask has not been listed in the FAQ list, you can contact the product’s manufacturers directly. They are customer-friendly and diligent when it comes to their discreet packaging policy. When the product is shipped, the package will be plain – there will be no sign that indicates what is inside it, thus keeping your right to privacy in check.

Spanish Fly products work mainly on blood circulation, hormonal production, and balance maintenance. They increase a man’s durability, help him last longer, and give him better control. Meanwhile, they manage ample blood flow towards a woman’s nether regions and thus increase her sensitivity and receptiveness. Many users, including me, have felt a rise in our essential vigor. Even if we were to stop using the products, our body will still show the lingering effects of the drugs in the form of better arousal and performance.

Why I Like Them

Out of all the aphrodisiacs that my wife and I tried, the Spanish Fly products seemed to do exceptionally well. I found the vigor that I thought I had lost, and my wife began to enjoy sex again. We could last longer in bed, and our relationship too has improved. I have regained my confidence along with my positivity, which is why I found it necessary to share my knowledge with you.

These products give what they advertise, and at an affordable rate! Get your Spanish Fly product today from the official websites. And a small reminder: you don’t need a sad backstory or a history of weakened libido to buy these aphrodisiacs. They simply work on bettering your sexual life, so go all out!

You can read more about Spanish Fly here.

Note: I suggest ordering Spanish Fly products from the official websites only. Do not trust other online shopping platforms like eBay and Amazon, as the products available there could be duplicates which, while cheaper, are made with ingredients of lesser quality. Since these products affect your body directly, it is advised to stay away from such copies to save yourself from the adverse effects they could cause.

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