Is Spanish Fly Dangerous to use?

Did you find people asking whether it’s safe to take Spanish Fly? You needn’t worry: here’s why.

Aphrodisiacs are drugs that stimulate your sexual desire. They mainly work in one of two ways:

  • They arouse the desire by working on one’s mind, inhibiting other thoughts
  • They increase blood circulation towards sex organs and act as an external agent in stimulating sexual desire

Different types of food items with aphrodisiacal effects

It is said that there are different types of food items and smells that have aphrodisiacal effects. When it comes to smell, the effect is aroused by the sense. And when it comes to food, the arousal is all thanks to the ingestion of certain chemical components in the edible substance that takes effect after ingestion. Both these methods could take time, and might not even guarantee a satisfactory sexual experience.

That is where the actual aphrodisiac can help you. Ingesting the drug directly (instead of letting your bodily functions extract it from what you ate or smelled) will work wonders. Spanish Fly is one such aphrodisiac.

Original Spanish Fly used in ancient times

The original Spanish Fly that was used in ancient times was a crowd favourite. It was also recommended only for people who were very healthy and tough as the drug itself can be quite strong. It was made from a substance called cantharidin, which is obtained from an emerald-green beetle of the blister beetle family. Though taken from a small beetle, cantharidin has been proven as too strong for humans. The side effects were too dangerous – it could drive the user to vomit and/or urinate blood, which could later cause erectile dysfunction in men, and even gastrointestinal difficulties. Nevertheless, people were risking their lives for pleasure.

But now you can get the same results without the side effects. With science, we have managed to develop better aphrodisiacs, mostly synthetic ones that are safer for frequent usage and are based on more natural drugs. The old Spanish Fly is no longer in use, as it was proven quite hazardous to human physiology. And given our lifestyle, we might not be able to withstand the power of cantharidin, which was mostly used by the gladiators in order to have orgies.

“Spanish Fly” has become more of a brand name

My wife and I were reluctant to use the product due to the infamous history linked with its name. But it was later revealed that the old Spanish Fly is no longer available in the market. “Spanish Fly” has become more of a brand name, or product description that has nothing to do with cantharidin or beetles.

These products are simply libido boosters that will grant you enough stamina to last longer in bed. They are tested and proven to be not harmful to the user in any way. The only catch in using these products is the user’s duty to make sure that they are ingesting the correct dosage and using the original product. Change in dosage is based on the age, health, and physiology of the user. With that said, fake products might have cheaper substances and chemicals used that could adversely affect your body.

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