Spanish Fly: Better Sex or Just Bunk?

It is a scientifically proven fact that an average human being’s sex drive decreases with age and deteriorating health. This decrease can cause a rift between partners in a relationship. I noticed that I was failing to meet my wife’s expectations in bed, which affected our marital life quite adversely.

These rifts took away my confidence and happiness. That was when I decided to look for different ways to boost my libido and to make our sex life more enjoyable and fruitful. I tried several methods, consulted experts, and so on.

Eating food items with aphrodisiacal effects

We began small by eating food items that were said to have aphrodisiacal effects, like pistachio nuts, fenugreek, and saffron. I have to be honest; they did not help much. There might have been changes that could have improved if we were to continue for a few more weeks, but then doesn’t make it any less of a production than taking medicine. We tried our luck with the best and safest sex toys we could afford. Though the experimentation was exciting for a while, that exquisite beginner’s feeling faded away with time. Changing positions during intercourse did not give the expected results, and neither did the aromatherapy.

After all those trials, we started coming to terms with the problem at hand – that there isn’t much we can do to rejuvenate our sex life. That is when I came across aphrodisiacs. These drugs, unlike aphrodisiacal food or supplements, work directly, and give results very soon after ingestion. Or at least that is what I heard. So I decided to check them out, one after the other, cautiously. There were hundreds of products to choose from, and it saved a lot of my time and effort.

Women take more time to build up and orgasm

It is quite an unaddressed topic that women take more time to build up and orgasm. On the other hand, in the case of men, orgasm can come pretty quickly. Studies and surveys conducted worldwide prove that females have better libido than the average man. This difference could be a reason why men frequently fail to perform well in bed and satisfy their female partners.

This little trouble has leftover 88% women across the world with an unhappy sex life, where their partners couldn’t meet with their sexual needs or ran out of energy before they even started to build up an orgasm, thus resulting in unhappy and failed marriages and relationships. But with the help of aphrodisiacs, you can last longer and worry less about your sexual abilities and performance.

Aphrodisiacs with herbal content

Aphrodisiacs with more herbal content are especially sought out by many, as they are healthier and safer than the rest. These drugs mostly contain the extracts from the same herbs or food items that are listed to have aphrodisiacal effects. Now, you might be wondering: “why should you take the risk and buy aphrodisiacs if we can directly consume these as a part of our daily diet?” This question’s quickest answer is, “for the purpose of time and efficiency.” These days, we barely get enough time to groom ourselves. And including these components as a part of our daily sustenance is a good step taken towards a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn’t give the needed results readily. It will take a lot of time and patience.

Apart from this, there is the issue of availability and costs. Most of the aphrodisiacal herbs are rare, which means that they will cost a fortune. Buying them will be a big jab on your bank account, with no doubt. Another drawback of direct consumption of these food items is that sometimes, some aphrodisiacal elements might not work on an individual. Consider a scenario where you incorporated red ginseng in your diet, but it yielded no results?

Since the changes are slow, it will take massive amounts of patience even to find that one component that your body accepts as a decent aphrodisiac. Thus, we can say that this technique might have worked in earlier times, but it is not applicable now. So the best option we have right now is the aphrodisiac drugs that are quick and efficient.

My experience of using Spanish Fly aphrodisiacs

Out of all the aphrodisiacal drugs my wife and I tried, medicines and products under one label seemed to do the task, and exceptionally at that. So here I am, to share with you my experience of using Spanish Fly aphrodisiacs. With that said, let me help you dig a little deeper into the world of aphrodisiacs.

Spanish Fly is quite a well-known name in the scene of aphrodisiacs. In ancient times, it was popular among the nobles, kings, and queens. They used this drug to spice up things in their bedrooms. It was also famous among the warriors and gladiators as they used it to boost their stamina for orgies. Back then, the drug was made from a substance called cantharidin, a chemical obtained from the emerald-green blister beetle. These little insects are also called Spanish flies, and thus the name of the drug. These beetles were used by apothecaries in earlier times to extract chemicals, that were in turn used in medicinal concoctions.

The Spanish Fly Drug: How Is It?

The original Spanish Fly drug was said to be reliable, but perhaps too strong. It indeed did a great job of rousing the user’s sex drive and sexual stamina, but along with that, it also had some deadly side effects. These side effects included unwarranted lethargy, higher chances of infertility and erectile dysfunction, kidney failure, sometimes coma, and even death.

The truth is that even these side effects did not stop people from using it. I know what you are thinking: How would anyone in their right mind even think of using something that has such a potential to cause harm to its user? The answer is that the old Spanish Fly is no longer available in the market, but you can read more about Spanish Fly here.

A brand for aphrodisiacs

With the advent of modern science and technology, medics were able to develop more synthetic aphrodisiacal drugs that have fewer side effects or none at all. But by then, the name “Spanish Fly” had become a brand for aphrodisiacs, with a reputation of the original drug attached with its name. Now, Spanish Fly is like another name for aphrodisiacs and has hundreds of products in the market branded with it. I tried most of these products, and the results were impressive. But out of all the aphrodisiacs, the Spanish Fly drugs stood out with its long-lasting effect, and helped me regain my lost confidence.

My wife, too, is impressed with the results. Both of us can validate these drugs based on factors like arousal, stamina, and pleasure. After we experimented, I saw the necessity of sharing the knowledge along with the results that I got, so I decided to make this website. This website is based on my experience of using Spanish Fly products.

But remember, even though there are reduced risks now, these drugs can still have adverse effects if they are not used with any care. Certain drugs are for specific users, and the dosage and best mode of consumption might change from person to person. So collect as much information as possible about the product you are planning to use. You can obtain preliminary information from trusted online sources, or directly from people who have used the drugs before.

Get answers for the questions like:

  • How long did the effects last?
  • What were the ingredients listed on the packaging of the drug?
  • Was the experience satisfactory for the user and their partner(s)?
  • Were there any adverse effects or harmful aftereffects?
  • Is the drug affordable?

Find testimonials from people who are of similar to you

Try to find testimonials from people who are of similar demographics to you, so you can know how the drug will affect your body. When you get these questions answered, you will get a basic idea about the drug you had your eyes on. Then, you can easily tally out and circle the best drug that suits your taste and needs.

After the collection of needed information comes the process of buying the selected drug. Most of the Spanish Fly products might not be available in pharmacies or drug stores, so you’ll have to buy them online. But remember to buy them only from official websites. Do not trust the general shopping sites like eBay or Amazon.

This is due to the fact that original aphrodisiac products are only available for sale on their official websites, and the ones that are being sold in these shopping sites are mostly fake or cheaper versions of the products. Now, if the products were duplicates of a clothing brand, it could be overlooked. But these are aphrodisiacs we are talking about here. These drugs directly affect your hormonal levels and blood circulation. Thus, it is an unwritten rule to get the original product. The fake products might be on sale for temptingly low prices, but you should not take the risk.

These drugs might have worse side effects, and if the quality of the product is questionable, it could do more harm than good to you. The cheaper the quality, the cheaper will be the chemicals used in the drug. Drugs of cheap class could bring the exact adverse effects upon you that the original concoction of Spanish Fly brought upon its users. You can see where you can buy Spanish Fly products here.

Aside from buying the products from official websites, the other point that you have to remember is to get opinions from experts and medical practitioners. There is no need to be ashamed to voice your doubts about the product. This step is as significant as getting information from the people who have used the product before. A medic can determine what dosage will be apt for you to use safely based on your age, health conditions, and gender. They can also provide tips on how to ingest the drug and what changes you need to make in your routine in order to increase its capacity. As I have mentioned before, most aphrodisiacs work their way directly into the body, unlike food items or aromas with aphrodisiacal effects. They are naturally strong and will work with less time. Thus the need for expert advice and evaluation.

Discreet packaging and shipment

The official websites offer discreet packaging and shipment when you order their products online. The package, when delivered, will not have any details about the product, the logo, or the manufacturers on it, so you can stay rest assured. It will look like any other mail to others, so you don’t have to break a sweat worrying about what they may think about you. Most of the manufacturers take your privacy seriously, and you might not even have to specify it.

After you order and receive a product from the official website, you need to check the label of the packaging to make sure that the product has the ingredients listed on its back. Most Spanish Fly drugs have seven or more aphrodisiacal ingredients in them. The unique combinations of ingredients are what make them strong and thus accessible. Due to its direct effect on the body of the person who uses it, there is a necessity to neatly label the exact ingredients and the amounts of them present in the drugs. If the packaging is damaged or the seal is torn, it will not be safe to accept it. If so, you can send the product back and ask for a refund or an exchange. The same goes for the “best before” seal. Using expired aphrodisiacal products voluntarily or involuntarily could have terrible aftereffects. So make sure to check the manufactured date and compare it with the product’s expiry period that is given on the packaging.

The Top Recommendations from my side

If you are looking for a quick recommendation from someone who has tried most of their products, I can suggest you the best out of the Spanish Fly products. Please keep in mind that these are the products that I found to yield the best results in the case of my wife and me.

1.    Spanish Fly PRO

As one of the most recommended Spanish Fly products, Spanish Fly PRO has been recommended by sex therapists and clinical experts. It can be ingested as a dietary supplement, and it is guaranteed to give you the best sexual experience. It is one of the strongest in town, so it is recommended to get a formal prescription for it. By far, it is noted to contain the heaviest dose of aphrodisiacal ingredients. It can be used by men and women alike.

It is a liquid that you can consume by mixing a few drops into other beverages. This product is guaranteed to start working in a few minutes after consumption. The effects are long-lasting – for over an hour or so – thus giving you more than enough time to unwind yourself and enjoy. It contains seven aphrodisiacal ingredients, namely maca root extract, arginine hydrochloride, zinc (as zinc gluconate), extract of Tribulus Terrestris fruit, the extract of guarana seeds, caffeine, and extract of Panax ginseng root.

The recommended dosage of the drug for one use is five drops. You can mix it with any beverage and drink it. After consumption, it will take a few minutes to start working. Keep in mind that you will have to consult a healthcare specialist in particular cases, such as if you’re pregnant or lactating.

Whoever used this product has become a regular buyer, as the success rate of it is very high. I can guarantee you this from my own experience.

2.    Spanish Fly Love

Spanish Fly Love is another liquid-based aphrodisiacal product that enhances your sex drive and promises to make your sex life better. It can be used by men and women alike. The suggested dosage for women is 10 drops, and 15 for men. Similar to Spanish Fly PRO, you just have to shake the bottle well and mix a few drops of the drug in any beverage and drink it. The effects will start showing in no more than 10 minutes. The product is very safe for use, so safe that it can even be used regularly, on a daily basis. Daily use can result in an overall aroused sex drive and energy.

The main ingredients used in the drug are Maca (Lepidium meyenii), L-arginin, Tribulus Terrestris, Guarana (Paullinia cupana), Caffeine, Damiana (Turnera diffusa), and Panax ginseng. It is legalized for sale as a dietary supplement.

There have been some rare cases of headaches reported after the use of the drugs, but these aren’t strong. I would recommend Spanish Fly Love to people who would like to improve their sex drive even when they are not planning to continue using the drugs.

3.    Germany Sex Drop.

Germany Sex Drops is an aphrodisiacal product that is designed for consumption by women. This drug, like the other two, can be taken by mixing into a beverage. It has no flavor or odor, so you don’t have to worry about a lingering pungent aftertaste. It contains ingredients like fructose (sugar) and melatonin that will enhance a woman’s sexual arousal and initiate the natural lubrication process.

The rest of the ingredients are all herbal aphrodisiacs, which will cause you no harm or have adverse effects. It works on increasing the blood circulation, which in turn helps to improve the sensitivity and chances of having a long orgasm. The product promises that the consumer will feel an urge for an intense sexual experience and that they will be able to enjoy vigorous orgasms. It also works as a de-stressor and provides better rest for your body.

My wife tried the product out, and we were astonished by the results. She shared that the product made her feel ecstatic and that our private times felt more arousing and fresh. She also said that after using it, she started getting better sleep and refreshed energy daily. She recommends it whole-heartedly for my female readers.

My final verdict

Out of these three, my personal favorite is Spanish Fly PRO. Even though I was a skeptic about it in the beginning, after the first use it became the number one product on my recommendation list. It is affordable and has given the best sexual experience for my wife and me.

We buy a three-bottle pack every other month now. Each time we use the product, we feel the same energy and excitement as our first time, even though we have been using it for months now. It has increased my libido to such an extent that I feel like I’m back in my younger days again. I can last longer in bed now, and my partner is very happy with the turn of events. I am no longer stressed about not being able to get aroused when the mood is right. Neither am I depressed about performing poorly or running out of energy halfway through.

Spanish Fly PRO hasn’t caused any side effects for me to date, and it has been months since I started using it. If anything, it has reforged my marital life that was almost on the verge of falling apart. This, in turn, has improved my general health.

I encourage you to use Spanish Fly products

With that said, I encourage you to use Spanish Fly products. I guarantee you that these products are indeed the best solution for better sex. Remember, aphrodisiacs are used for a better sexual experience, and are not limited to only when your sex life becomes boring.

Note: Make sure to procure the consent of your partner(s) before you start using aphrodisiacal drugs on a daily basis. If they are skeptical about using them, try and educate them about the products, or let them take the advice of a healthcare specialist. Do not force them to take the drugs or trick them into taking them in order to overpower them. Deprived of good sex or not, do not use Spanish Fly or other aphrodisiacs to do illegal activities at any given circumstance. And make sure that the products you use are certified by the governmental health guidelines.

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