What is Spanish Fly Exactly?

An average human’s sex drive, like mine, decreases with age. This can cause an unhappy married life, and risks are high when it comes to using aphrodisiacal products. So it is necessary to choose the best and safest products in the market.

When my sexual drive decreased, I knew it was something to worry about. Blissful and happy sex can make a marriage tick beautifully, and you don’t want to lose out on it.

Experiment on products to improve

I decided to experiment on products that promised to enhance my performance and stamina. That is how I came across the Spanish Fly products.

The initial Spanish Fly was an aphrodisiac was made from a substance called cantharidin, produced by insects called blister beetles. It was used in ancient times to spice things up. But, according to my research, the by-product then had some terrible side effects.

These included:

  • Erections that are painful and persistent
  • Convulsions and seizures
  • Vomiting and/or urinating blood
  • Gastro-intestinal bleedings
  • Adversary effects on kidneys
  • In worst-case scenarios, even coma or death

But the products that are available now neither contain cantharidin, nor are they made from beetles, so rest assured, you can use them without worry.

Reading these side effects, I was worried because the original Spanish Fly seemed a bit dangerous for frequent use. Because let’s get real –  no one is going to risk their own life for pleasure.

It’s Safe to Use Today – and Offers the Same Great Results!

But then I learned that the original Spanish Fly isn’t available anymore. Instead, it has more or less become a brand of aphrodisiac, under which there are hundreds of products available now. These products are not made from beetles or insects, nor are they derived from cantharidin. So there’s little to no risk whatsoever. What’s more, it’s tested and proven to be an effective, as well as safe, aphrodisiac.

It is quite an overlooked fact that women need more time to reach orgasm. Meanwhile, it doesn’t take much in our case. Most troubles related to sexual pleasure arise from this difference, and if you can’t match with your partner in libido, you could put your happy relationship at risk. So, it is advised to use special aphrodisiacal products and pleasure toys to keep things exciting for both of you.

The Special Fly drugs will increase your stamina and libido. You only have to consume a few drops of the product, preferably mixed in a drink: after taking the drug in, you’ll just have to wait for a few minutes before you notice its effects.

There are specific drugs that vary according to the user or the reason for use. So before buying the product you have to make sure that you have enough information regarding the variety of the drug, it’s suitability, its dosage, and its effects on the user.

Spanish Fly, when used correctly, will give you a sex drive like none other that you’ve experienced. I can guarantee you that. It will help in bettering your relationship with your partner, and you can be rest assured for a pleasurable sex life!

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